Do You Know Who Can Legally Access your Credit?

When it comes to being online, chances are that you have shared many personal data points.

From paying your credit card bills to making online purchases, there is likely a lot of personal information available about you with just a few clicks of a button. One area that seems to be somewhat grey is who can legally look at your credit score or credit report. Fortunately, there are safety networks in place that only allow certain people and businesses to see your credit.

Who Has Access to your Credit?

There are several organizations that can access your credit reports and scores. Generally speaking, if an entity has a business need that is legitimate, they can access your credit. Here are some individuals and companies that may be able to pull your credit.


If you open up an account, a bank may pull up your credit in order to check your credit worthiness. The reason for this is because the better your credit worthiness is, the less likely you are to abandon or overdraw an account.


If someone is going to loan you money, they want to know that you are worthy. Credit card issuers, mortgage lenders, and auto lenders are just some examples of people or companies that may have access to your credit. If you currently have an account with one of these companies, they are able to pull your credit at any time they see fit.

Utility Companies

Utility companies may pull a credit report when you are setting up your account. While many provinces have laws that keep the utility companies from denying service based on bad credit, many of these companies may require a deposit if your credit is not great.

Other businesses and individuals that may have access to your credit include insurance companies and landlords. Employers are not allowed to access your credit score, but in some provinces, they are allowed to access your credit report.

Who Cannot Access Your Credit

Your credit information is not available to the public and it is not going to show up in a search engine result. Loved ones cannot request credit reports, no matter what the relationship may be. Keep your personal information in safe/secure spots i.e. social insurance numbers, birthdates etc.

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