Rasha Ingratta

Your Mortgage Expert

For most Canadians buying a home and acquiring a mortgage for purchase or refinance is the single largest financial transaction they will ever be faced with. It’s critical that prospective home owners/home buyers prepare themselves before they start the search. Whether it’s your first or fifth home let me guide you each step of the way.

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Current Rates

Updated July 9th 2024. Our Latest Rate Comparison

Terms Posted Rates Our Best Rates
6 Months 7.25% 7.25%
1 Year 7.24% 6.79%
2 Years 6.59% 5.29%
3 Years 6.44% 5.09%
4 Years 6.34% 4.99%
5 Years 7.04% 4.89%
7 Years 7.20% 5.89%
10 Years 7.69% 5.99%
5 Year Variable   5.95%

Current Prime: 7.20%

Insured mortgage rates, subject to change. Conventional and refinance rates may be higher. Some rates may not be available in all provinces. Consult a local Mortgage Intelligence professional for more information. OAC. E&EO