Available to residents of BC, Alberta and Ontario

Partnering with some of the top insurance companies in Canada, Unitas offers world class products at competitive rates. Unitas is the only company with the expertise, infrastructure and licensing to fulfill the insurance needs of Canadians, the requirements of top insurers, and the high degree of care Mortgage Intelligence Mortgage Consultants expect for their clients. Together, Mortgage Intelligence and Unitas create Canada’s premier full-service distributor of mortgage, insurance and financial products.

Home Insurance

When securing a mortgage, your lender will require that you obtain Home Insurance prior to advancing your funds. Unitas provides you with quick and competitive means to obtain the home protection you require.

Auto Insurance*

Unknown to most, there are significant discounts available for customers who insure their vehicles with the same insurer that services their home. Unitas maximizes your discounts by quoting your home and auto insurance with the same carrier.

Already covered? Unitas can arrange coverage with a top Canadian insurer in one simple call. In a just a few minutes you could save hundreds of dollars. Find out if you’re getting the best value for your money.

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