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CBC Windsor recently got in touch with our very own Rasha Ingratta to seek out some advice on certain situations. Rasha also attended a Zoom meeting that led to a more in-depth news article.

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Windsor's housing market is the hottest in Canada

Read the latest article where our very own Rasha Ingratta is featured to learn more about how quickly real estate is growing in Windsor and what that means for the region.

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Windsor's average property price has increased by more than $80,000 since last November

Get the latest take from Rasha Ingratta relating to housing prices compared year-over-year and read more advice on how this might affect you when buying or selling a home.

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What People Receiving Cerb Need to Know About Their Mortgage.

This article centered around the COVID-19 Pandemic and what those receiving CERB need to know when it comes down to mortgages. Read about buying how buying a new home, refinancing, or deferring payments might affect you during the pandemic.

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Windsor Morning With Tony Ducette

Listen in as Tony Ducette talks to Rasha about some of the complications and common questions Windsorites are asking about mortgages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tony asks Rasha about a number of situations that you might find yourself in.

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Experts on Call with Rasha Ingratta & Vanessa Field

Listen in as Rasha and Vanessa talk with Experts on Call on AM800 about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it's been affecting the mortgage world.

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If you find that you're in a unique situation and require additional assistance with your financial future or just want to ask some questions relating to a specific issue, please feel free to get in touch with us directly! We're working during this time to ensure that your mortgage is taken care of.

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