Mortgage Questions To Ask

Being informed you are about your mortgage is important. Knowing the right questions to ask is even better. We have put together an extensive list of “need-to-know” questions you should be asking when going through the mortgage application process.

  • Is the mortgage automatically renewable when it matures, or will I have to re-qualify?
  • Can I ”skip” a mortgage payment?
  • If I have ”doubled up” on a mortgage payment, can I ”skip” a payment at a later date?
    If the current rate from the lender is higher that my contract rate when I wish to make a prepayment, will the lender provide a rebate?
  • Can I pay my property taxes directly or do I have to pay them through the lender? If they can not be paid directly, what interest is paid on the property tax savings account?
  • Is there any outstanding tax due on the property?
  • Can I sell the mortgage along with the house?
  • Is the prepayment amount based on the original amount, the current payment or the outstanding balance?
  • Can the monthly payment be reduced after it has been increased?
  • Can I take the mortgage with me when I sell the house? If so, can I ”port” or ”port/increase/blend”? Can I port and reduce the outstanding balance?
  • Who decides if my mortgage allows a prepayment?
  • When selling my house, what will the penalty be if the buyer is not allowed to assume the mortgage?
  • Will the full mortgage amount be forwarded on closing or is the adjustment date used?
  • How often can the mortgage be prepaid?
  • How long is the interest rate guaranteed before closing? Is there any cost?
  • Will I get the benefit of a lower interest rate if rates drop?
  • When will the ”final” rate be set?
  • Can I convert an open mortgage to longer fixed term? What does this cost? What type can I convert to? Are there any fees associated with conversion?
  • Is the ”early renewal” feature offered?



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