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rasha2“For most Canadians buying a home and acquiring a mortgage for purchase or refinance is the single largest financial transaction they will ever be faced with.  It’s critical that prospective home owners/home buyers prepare themselves before they start the search. Whether it’s your first or fifth home let me guide you each step of the way”

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UPDATED January 6, 2017

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Posted:3.39% | Best: 2.29% Prime:2.70%   | Best: 2.30%
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Posted:3.89% | Best: 2.39%

Inquire: 60 day quick close rate for 5 years at 2.59%. All prepayment and standard terms apply. Contact us for details rasha.ingratta@migroup.ca or call us 519-250-4848.

“One in Five Canadian mortgages are now handled by mortgage brokers”


Rasha’s knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry can provide you, the consumer not only the best rate but also can save you $1000’s of dollars whether you’re purchasing, refinancing or renewing.
Rasha works with over 50 banks and lending institutions, approvals are generally given within 4 hours from application.

This in turn saves the people involved in the transaction i.e. purchaser(s), realtor(s), vendor(s), lawyer(s) etc. time and frustration spent searching or waiting for a mortgage approval.

Understanding the needs and time constraints involved, she works with the consumer and affiliated professionals to try to get the deal done as fast and efficient as possible.

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  • We closed on a refinance with Mortgage Consultant Rasha Mouawad (Windsor Mortgage). She was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. She guided us through the application process, told us exactly what we need and listened to our needs as well. When people are searching for mortgages or refinancing their old mortgage, we would never hesitate to send them to Rasha. It is nice to see people as busy as she is are still able to return calls, answer questions and show that she really cares about her clients. She helped us when our original finance company of nine years could or would not. We are very happy that she was able to help us and now with this refinancing of our mortgage our interest went from 5.80% down to 5.30%, our line of credit is fully paid off and we have extra money in cash available to us that will be used to finance an inground pool at our home!!! Thank You Rasha!

    -Jony and Cynthia Toma

  • My wife and I were in the beginning stages of buying a house when a neighbour referred us to Rasha at Mortgage Intelligence. In the past, we’ve only dealt with the bank as a primary source to borrow money. To be honest, we were hesitant and reluctant to venture outside of the bank setting. We only chose to meet with Rasha because she was offering us a significantly lower mortgage rate. On a professional level, she will work hard to lead the way in offering you the best rate available during the entire course of your mortgage. Most banks just offer you a set rate the beginning of your term. Rasha will maintain open communication and call you when lenders are offering better deals and better rates. On a personal level, you can rest assured knowing that she genuinely cares about you as an individual and that you’re not just another file. She has a very warm, friendly, and personal side to her. She’s very compassionate and willing to work with your individual concerns and needs. Rasha is second to none. When you sit to meet with her you’ll soon know exactly what we mean.

    -Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Sladic

  • I would recommend Rasha Mouawad for your financial decisions. Her knowledge and experience will give you the best advantage in the market place. I do not believe that it would have even been possible to purchase our new home without her help. Rasha was very professional and helpful when we made the decision to purchase our new home. If others say it is not possible then give Rasha a try. The integrity and knowledge she will share with you, will work to your best interest. Thank You, Yours truly

    -D Dent

  • I cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation to you for your help and guidance through this difficult time for me. After just ten minutes in your office I felt immediate relief. The power of knowledge is incredible, the “not knowing” was what was so scary. I learned more in 10 minutes with you than I did the past 4 months talking to “specialists”. I am going to continue to tell friends, co-workers, anyone who will listen, about you, your professionalism, and dedication to your clients. Thank you again Rasha for peace of mind. Sincerely,

    -Lynda Buchanan Windsor, Ontario

  • I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the great customer service I received during the process of my home purchase. Buying a home for the first time can be stressful and scary. Through your professionalism and dedication to my needs, you helped to keep my sanity. Never once did you appear upset with me when I was calling you on the phone daily, and you managed to keep the flow of communication between lawyers and banks. I would strongly recommend you to family and friends to assist them with their mortgages. Thank you for your time and patience.

    -Cathy Schmidt

  • Rasha has been a tremendous help to me in negotiating my last three mortgages. She has secured the best possible rate for me each time and saved me the hassle of talking with banks and lenders directly. She has always been easy to get a hold of when I need her, and always finds an answer for any question I have. I highly recommend Rasha to anyone buying a new home or renewing their current mortgage.

    -Mike Young

  • We first met Rasha in September, 2013. We were referred to her by one of our relatives. At first we met with Rasha to get some information about our options to finance a house. We never thought we could actually be able to make such an acquisition, but Rasha proved to be an extraordinary professional and human being. She was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, kind, and understanding.

    Within days she referred us to a financial advisor as well, and within weeks we were able to acquire our first home. Every time we met with Rasha we were equally pleased and impressed with her professionalism and kindred spirit.

    We feel blessed to have met and worked with Rasha. We would definitely recommend Rasha to anyone looking for a financial broker. Thank you so much for your help, Rasha.

    -Vlad and Anca Rus

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